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Who is Dining-Reservations.com
Dining-Reservations.com is an outgrowth of Live Chat Service, an Internet service provider of web based contact and customer management systems. We've been providing web based customer service processing tools since 2003 using proprietary technologies which have been developed for clients requiring real-time order processing, confirmation, and provisioning. With a dedicated staff, our around-the-clock dining reservations service is the perfect way to fulfill the needs of restaurants that are faced with the challenges of managing reservations.

Forget about checking your email for those reservations or answering the phone on busy evenings with 5 minute reservation calls! Let us take care of processing on-line requests, confirming them and following up directly with the customer. We take the worry out of your reservation issues!

Power your web site with Live Reservation Assistance
Having one-on-one contact with your customers is the best way to secure their business. Dining-Reservations.com provides the conduit to allow that Interactivity. We enable your web site to provide a real-time reservation contact with your web site visitors and customers.

How it works:
A dining guest visits your web site and clicks on a link to make a reservation. They have the options to complete an on-line form, chat on-line with one of our reservation specialists, or give us a call toll-free. We take their reservation request, any special details they may have associated with the request and then when your restaurant is open, we secure the confirmation with you. We'll then re-contact the guest via email, telephone, cell phone, or by fax with confirmation details. If there are any changes to the reservation we are available to the customer 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, to assist them.

Why it works:
Many restaurant web sites have a contact-us form-mail reservation form. Restaurant owners, managers and those on duty are simply not able to continually, and throughout the day, every day, check email to process the requests. Quite simply, a form on your web site does work unless it's actively monitored. The Dining-Reservations.com system is completely different, because we not only have staff 24 hours per day, 365 days per year providing reservation assistance, but dining guests are able to communicate with a reservation specialists in real-time, anytime, to assist with their needs.

Confirmations of requests are instant, processing of reservations are completed professionally, and satisfaction of services are guaranteed.

Accountability: Reports and Tracking of Reservations:
Our internal quality assurance system provides tools which log all details of each reservation request, and this reporting is available to you upon login to your account. Other reservation services provide you only with summarized details about the reservations and charges which are due... .this is simply not the way we feel it should be done. For this reason, we've built an extensive logging and accounting system to insure that you're completely aware, and satisfied, with the service we are providing to both you, and your guests. Sign-up is easy and on-line, or by contacting us.

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