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The Process Flow of making a reservation
Using Dining-Reservations.com's services, you and your guests are sure to receive a complete follow-up on each reservation request. There's no need for you to personally check emails through out the day nor to assign one of your staff members to stop what they're doing to check for reservations. We're here working for you at all times, insuring that you never miss an opportunity for an additional guest.

Join us in reading an example of how your restaurant can allow your guests the ability to request reservations any time of the day, on any day of the year!

Bob and Jane, a happily married couple settles in for the night, but just before Bob dozes off to sleep, he remembers that tomorrow is his 10th anniversary of marriage: "Yikes!!!" He thinks to himself... the first thing I have to do in the morning is make dinner reservations for tomorrow evening.

Bob wakes at 6:30am, connects to the Internet to find a restaurant for their anniversary dinner. He wakes the next morning, goes on-line and submits his reservation request for a restaurant to enjoy an anniversary dinner. He knows that although the restaurant is not open they use Dining-Reservations.com and so he can request a reservation anytime of the day or night.  Should he have a question while placing the reservation he'll be able to speak with a live reservation specialists on-line. (Yes, we provide you with a staffed reservation page 24 hours a day, 365 days a year). A few clicks and it's done. His wife wakes and says "Happy Anniversary dear, do we have plans for this evening?"  He smiles says... "It's all taken care of dear."

Bob completes an easy-to-use form on-line and then we call him back with a reservation confirmation.
When Bob views your restaurants reservation page he'll see selections such as dining times, location (in case you have more than one location we'll display all alternates), smoking preferences, how he wishes to be contacted for the confirmation, etc. He makes his preferred selections (as well as a second choice dining time) and submits the request.

Within seconds our system begins processing the information, sends Bob an email that his request was received, provides him with a tracking number (in case he wishes additional follow-up) and details about how we'll be contacting him once the reserved time is confirmed.


Using your pre-defined procedures for processing the reservations we receive for you, we call your establishment Bob & Jane enjoy their dinner at your restaurant, all with the quick and easy help from Dining-Reservations.comand place the reservation for the guest. After you've confirmed the request we'll notify your dining guest and provide them with any additional details they may need such as driving directions, etc. This process helps to save you the time in processing the reservations by phone with your customers as a typical confirmation call with us lasts less than 45 seconds


Customers to your restaurant are thrilled with the ease and convenience of the process, you easily gain additional dining revenue and the process is geared to help you earn repeat business!

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