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Purchase our service
Purchasing of the live reservation system is quick, easy and done completely on-line. After you've purchased a service plan, you will receive an automated welcome email. An account representative will be assigned to you who will assist you in getting your web site to link with the reservations system (no software required on your end) as well as providing you access to a tracking system to review active or past reservations.

Dining Reservations Membership Fee Structure
  One-time Setup/Configuration*:       $139.95
  Quarterly Servicing: $134.85 ($44.95 monthly)
  Reservation Fee**: $2.50 per reservation, $0.75 per person for parties of 10 or more

Total Due at Sign-up


Ordering is Off-Line at this time.

  * Web site owner is responsible for costs associated with any changes to their web site when linking to our system
**You pay no additional per minute phone charges for our confirmation and call-back services

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